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​Stage One is recognised for its professional and original showcase productions which have been brought them to life with some inspiring performances by our students.

Our approach to productions has always enabled students to get involved both creatively and technically and to have an understanding of the varied aspects of theatre and Performing Arts.


Throughout the rehearsal process, we teach students the workings of theatre including Backstage, Lighting, Front of House, and Sound, Choreography and Direction which ultimately results in the pupils working together and co-operating in a constructive and productive manner. By teaching the etiquette of theatre, students learn the skills required for a performance, with our final aim being to bring all these theatrical skills together under the spotlight on stage. 


Productions take place in Major Theatre's such as The Millfield Theatre and students have had the opportunity to perform at London’s Hippodrome, The Astoria and even Wembley Arena. Students have the opportunity to work alongside professional directors, voice coaches, choreographers as well as our professional technical team learning all about the use of lighting, microphone technique and stage management. 


Leading up to a production, extra rehearsals are held and rehearsal fees are charged accordingly. Costumes are bought and paid for by Parents/Guardians. Parents are expected to help chaperone during the production. A chaperone license will be required and can be obtained from your local council borough. Students and parents are expected to follow very carefully all the rules at showtime.


Creativity and Development 

Stage One Productions are renowned for their originality. The Principal Caroline Airs believes that part of the student’s development is encouraging their imagination and exploring new ideas. Therefore, many of the productions begin with a series of workshops with the cast to encourage them to develop characters, adapt storylines and be part of creating an original production.

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Past Performance Highlights

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