How To Join

Bring your Theare Arts Passion to life at Stage One!

* If you would like to visit the school you must contact the office to inform us of the class/classes you wish to attend, or to seek advice as to the best class for a particular individual and confirm times (in case of any timetable changes). 


* On visiting the school you must bring with you the completed registration form and 2 passport photos. 


* Any student wishing to try a taster class may do so for a fee of between £7.00 to £20.00 (depending on the length of the class). 


* New students may pay weekly for 2 weeks before enrolling for the term.

* Fee’s are paid per term and can be paid in 2 installments for each half term. 


* Please sign the relevant section of the application form to signify that you have read and understood all the rules and regulations.


* It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian that all relevant details are completed in full before any classes are attended.


Please complete the application form to enrol.

Fill in the the contact form with your full name, address and telephone number.