About Us


Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre classes. Join now and  bring your Theatre Arts passion to life.


Inclusive and supportive environment. Giving students a creative space grow. 


Productions, showcase's, exams and performances throughout the year.


Inspiring, talented and creative classes from professionals form the industry.

Bring your Theatre Arts Passion to life at STAGE ONE.


Stage One's dynamic energy encorages students to develope their talents and has led to outstanding achhievements.

Our ethos has always been to guide and encourage our students, allowing them to express and develop their personality, skills and confidence within a great atmosphere.

We offer a well structured timetable that caters for both dedicated students who wish to pursue a career in the world of Performing Arts, and for those who simply enjoy it! The timetable inclues weekly classes and Saturday Theatre School led by teachers from the professional industry.

Stage One's approach to developing Performing Arts has always been unique and creative; the school prides itself on its original productions which have been made so special by the many students that have brought them to life with some inspiring performances.

The company has produced over 30 major productions and has supported over 100 community and charity events. Magical moments have been created, friendships made and so many wonderful experiences shared.


All this makes Stage One unique.



I have been with Stage one for 23 years and made some amazing memories and amazing friends. Wish i could have be involved this year but Good luck to everyone and thank you Caroline for all your hard work over the years. Thanks Stage One





Stage One gave me some of the best times in my life. I will treasure those years forever. Great friends, endless laughs, shared good times, good parties, a super fit body and most of the time sheer exhaustion from the 'just one more time' command! I'll take the audience seat this year, far too old to be on stage!!!

Lots of love to all the old gang! X