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Panto 2019 Children's Auditions


We are looking for enthusiastic, talented, hard working and committed 
young performers to join this vibrant cast.

To register please complete the online registration form below



Friday, 17th May Ensemble Auditions

5.00pm - 8:30pm: Ensemble Dancing / Singing ages 12 - 18 yrs

Saturday, 18th May Ensemble Auditions

2.30pm - 6.00pm: Ensemble Dancing / Singing ages 7 - 11 yrs

Please arrive 30 minutes before start time in appropriate clothing.

Please note that children must be strong in Dance, Singing & Performance.

(Please bring a photo of yourself along on the day)

Acting Roles

All those wishing to audition for Acting roles will be required to self tape a short acting monologue

and email through to  

Deadline for submission Sunday, 12th May (Scripts can be found here).


Audition Venue 

Zinc Arts, High Road, Chipping Ongar, Essex, CM5 0AD

Further auditions for Acting Roles & Dancers 18+

Email CV:

Audition Rules and Regulations

On completion of the form below you agree to the following :


  • Parents will remain on site during the whole of their childs audition.

  • Children will attend in clothing appropriate for dance, any child who is not in appropriate attire may be unable to audition for health and safety reasons.

  • Children must have their hair tied back and not be wearing jewellery. 

  • Parents are not allowed into the theatre whilst auditions are in progress.

  • Parents must complete in full all forms given on the day.

  • Videos/photos may be taken to help the audition process. Should any parents have concerns/queries around this please contact a member of staff. 

The Cast

There will be 2/3 ensemble casts of approx. 10/15 children who will appear in approx 5 -12 shows each.

Shows will take place on weekends and between Christmas and the New Year.

This year cast may be required to be available for some school performances which will take place during the school day. 

This will require licensing and minimal time off from school - this will not affect everyone.

All cast members will be required to attend ALL rehearsal and performance dates.

If you would like to register for an audition please read the audition rules and regulations above 

and complete the form below and send with a photo.

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