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KING OF POP - 2011

The music of Michael Jackson has filled our hearts for years. His passion, creation and love, has inspired us all in so many ways. 


As a celebration to his music, Stage One created this production as a tribute to the world’s greatest pop star.  


This performance was dedicated to our future, CHILDREN OF THE WORLD.  


Young Performers from Stage One came together in rehearsals to create this exciting performance, filled with the magic of his music, recreating some of his most famous dance routines and choreography, along with some of their own interpretations. 


“From ‘OFF THE WALL’ to ‘INVINCIBLE’ and ‘BACK TO THE JACKSON 5’, this tribute show will make you ‘scream’, with great costumes by Lesley Farmer and wonderful lighting and set design by Dominic Airs”. 


Stage One and MJ Performances. 


Over the years, Stage One has performed at many of the famous Michael Jackson days, alongside some of the world’s leading Michael Jackson look-a-likes. Performances have taken place at Hammersmith Palais, The Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden and Hammersmith Odeon, where the man himself made an appearance. 


What Followed was a fantastic workshop with Michael Jackson’s very own Choreographer, LaVelle Smith, who came to Stage One and taught the students the famous ‘Dangerous’ routine, choreographed for Michael Jackson. Stage One has won many competitions with their interpretation of ‘Ghost', and went on to perform this number at Covent Garden in London.  



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