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Ages 3 - 8 yrs

Next Dates - TBC

Come to the enchanted castle of 'Once Upon a Time...' for an Adventure that will make your child's imagination run wild. Full of Fairies, Pixies, Unicorns, Mermaids, Dancing, Story Telling, Games, Treasure Hunting, Arts & Crafts and much much more!

 Book your child in for this magical Adventure! 

Ages 3 - 8yrs  £20.00 each (discounts for siblings)

Dress up as your favourite character, and don’t forget your lunch!


5 October 2019



Why not treat your little one this Autumn, and book your child in for a Princess Tea Party at Zinc Arts Ongar!


Be our Guest and come along to our Princess Tea Party, where you can enjoy royal treats and yummy cakes with your favourite Princesses. After Tea, you can have your photo taken with the Princess and receive your magical certificate. 


 Before tea, children will take part in activities such as Dancing, Story Telling, Games,

Princess Training & much more!

Book your child in for our Princess Tea Party! 

Ages 3 - 8yrs  £20.00 each (discounts for siblings)

Dress up as your favourite Princess!

Easter Cake

For the Family

Stay young and fly away to Neverland this Christmas, with this years Panto, PETER PAN & HOOK.

All you need is FAITH, TRUST and a little bit of PIXIE DUST.

Join Peter, Tink and the Darlings as they journey on a magical adventure meeting the lost boys, mermaids, Tiger Lilly and many more enchanted characters.

Not far behind them sails the Jolly Roger with Captain Hook and his swashbuckling crew watching their every move.

A fight between good and evil is on the horizon.

Will they escape the pirates and save the day? 

Or will they walk the plank?


Find out in this years Panto!

It's just the 2nd star to the right…


With great music, dance and Panto giggles, this years show will be a swashbuckling adventure!

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