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Unleash Your Acting Potential: Join Our Three-Week Course for Stage and Screen with Hayden O'Reilly.

Introducing our three-week course on acting skills techniques for stage and screen! Not only will you embark on a journey filled with fun and creativity, but you will also acquire valuable acting techniques that can transform your performances. We understand the unique dynamics of stage and screen acting and will guide you through the nuances of each medium.

Haydn O’Reilly trained as an actor at Rose Bruford drama school and qualified as a drama lecturer at The Institute of Education. 
Haydn has been working as a professional actor and voice actor for over 20 years, gaining a wealth of experience on stage and screen.

Dates to be announced for the next course.

In this three week course, as well having a lot of fun, you will learn some valuable acting techniques for performance on both stage and screen, as well as gaining an understanding on how they differ. 

We will cover an array of essential topics that form the bedrock of outstanding acting. These include understanding and delivering scripted dialogue, the art of improvisation, character creation techniques, vocal expression, projection techniques, and, of course, the art of performance itself. Each week, you will actively participate, putting your skills to the test and learning from others in the class.

To culminate this enriching experience, we have dedicated a final session to recording your work for the camera. This will provide you with your very first showreel, a powerful tool to showcase your talent and impress casting directors and agents. 

Spaces for this course are limited, so I encourage you to secure your spot soon. To register or obtain further information, please email


Unleash your acting potential and join us for this transformative three-week course. Discover the joy of performing and the fulfillment of becoming a versatile actor who captivates audiences on both stage and screen.

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